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Winter Weddings and Seasonal Soiree's

Here at The Gin Inn HQ, winter prep is well underway, and we thought what better way to get excited for winter (and to attempt to stop missing summer so much) than to discuss all things winter weddings! Impress your guests and make the most of this magical season!

We LOVE a winter wedding-the colour palette, the decor, the sparkle, the comfort food..the list is endless!

First up, let's talk welcome drinks. Winter is all about citrus, a lot of people have the misconception that citrus is only for summer, but really it's the perfect winter fruit! Incorporating citrus will add a little brightness to the dreary months. Clementine's, lemons, kumquats-all of these make for a perfect wintery tipple! For example, a clementine and cranberry cuddle. This is made from orange and cranberry juice, Cointreau, your favourite London dry gin, dash of simple syrup and lemon juice, shaken over ice and strained into a tumbler, topped with ginger beer and garnished with a sprig of time and clementine zest. This way youre getting your sweet, citrus and spice all in one-perfect on arrival! Alternatively, if its something a little warmer you're after, mulled wine/cider/gin always goes down such a treat! We obviously favour a mulled gin here. Pear and blackberry seem to be the perfect pair when it comes to mulling. These ingredients are so workable, you could take a blackberry gin with warm pear cider, pear and blackberry with warm apple juice, or pear and blackberry gin with mulled wine. This looks really effective served from a wintery dressed soup kettle, ladled into a small tankard garnished with a cinnamon stick and fresh blackberries.

When the toasts begin, what better way to cheers the perfect couple with a winter infused fizz. Infuse with flavours such as ginger, cranberry, pear and cinnamon, clementine. Even make a take on an aperol spritz-donner and spritzen. Add cranberry juice to your aperol sprtiz and garnish with rosemary and orange slices for the ultimate wintery sprtiz!

As your guests are partying the night away, this is where we attack with espresso martini's, these give the energy boost everyone is needing after a long emotional day..and lots of partying. Except, with a twist. Salted caramel espresso martini's are one of the winter trends of 2022, and they are delicious! Made from vodka, espresso, sugar syrup and salted caramel liquor-shaken over ice and strained into a coupe glass, garnished with a web of salted caramel sauce and a few coffee beans, super effective! We serve these around on tree's ensuring nobody misses out, especially those on the dance floor! We also love to take around shots on trays, and there are so many fun winter/Christmas themed ones! To name a few, the Santa shot-made very similarly to a baby Guinness, as it is layered. Strawberry liqueur on the bottom and baileys on the top, the shot glass rimmed with hundreds and thousands giving a strawberries and cream flavour! Alternatively, for those who're after something a little more chocolatey, this is like Terry's chocolate orange in a shot. 25ml khalua, 25ml cointreau, fresh orange slice squeezed. This can be served over ice as a sipping shot as well!

As much as our DIY mojito station was a hit in the summer, it's going to be a game changer this Winter! We'll be replacing all of the typically summer fruit flavours with warming winter flavours, and who doesn't love rum in the winter?? Pear, blackberry, lemon, clementine, ginger, honey cranberry, mix away!

Favours, the all important favours- we love making gin favours. This includes a winter/autumnal gin with a tasting card, telling you how to create this gin with the perfect serve. We can provide an array of different flavours decanted into cute little glass bottles that can we reused again and again-they're always such a hit! Alternatively, something fun for the kids could be hot chocolate kits in cones or glass tubes, this could also be included with a shot of something naughty for a boozy kick-who doesn't love a baileys hot choc?!

We can't wait to be a part of your weddings this winter, be sure to try these out and let us know over on our instagram if you do!!

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