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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Our Story

The business was born when Hannah and Ollie (husband and wife) were in Cape Town on holiday with their new son Teddy. Hannah had worked in events for years in London and after time off on maternity leave, realised this job would no longer work alongside life with their new son. They wanted to build a business that would suit their new family of 3. They came up with the idea of a horse box Gin bar. The rocketing trend of Gin, their love for socialising & Hannah’s experience in events,  it all seemed like the perfect match. 

Following this Ollie built the first Gin bars, which derived from a horse box he picked up one day & it is safe to say it quickly became their pride and joy. Ollie now designs and creates every bar himself, from rustic old boxes and shacks to beautiful Bars fit for any event.

Fast forward to many successful events later, In 2023 we decided to embark on a journey to transform from the Gin Inn into the more dynamic premium service that is now ‘The Bar Tailors’. We've not just rebranded; we've reinvented ourselves to bring you an even more diverse, trend-setting, and personalised experience in the world of event bar services.

Back when we were the Gin Inn, we carved a niche for ourselves by mastering the art of gin. Our mixologists crafted delightful gin-based concoctions that became synonymous with sophistication and refinement. While we still cherish our gin roots, we realised  it was time to expand our horizons and offer an even broader spectrum of libations.

We are now The Bar Tailors  where we embrace the desire for variety and trendiness. Our transformation was driven by the evolving tastes of our clients, not just the drinks we offer but the bars we provide. The ever-changing landscape of mixology, and the need to cater to a diverse range of events. We wanted to go beyond the horse box bars and curate an experience that is as unique as each event we serve.

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