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Want to wow your guests? Look no further!

Is your wedding is fast approaching? Are you looking for those final touches that're going to wow your guests? Look no further - The Gin Inn to the rescue! We're coming at you with the newest trends, exciting quirky additions and all things crazy drinks!

What's your favourite film? Colour? Holiday destination? Why not make your bar and drinks list completely themed, suited to yours and your partners most favourite things! We can dress ourselves and our bar according to your theme, make your drinks list completely bespoke as per your theme - no matter what it is, to ensure your day is as personable as possible! We've had so much fun doing these in the past, some personal favourites were The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, space, mexican night and an entirely pink drinks menu, pink pina colada's and spicy margarita's are the new thing! Or even personalise your drinks menu to suit your favourites, let us know in advance your favourite flavours, cocktails or spirits and our creative team of mixologists will create a bespoke menu for you and your guests. This could be the perfect way to find your new favourite tipple, and what better way than on your wedding day! There is no task too big for The Gin Inn!

Have you ever had a DIY bar at an event you've been too? How amazing does it feel to be a mixologist for the evening, creating your own cocktails! We have recently added to our collection of bars a DIY mojito station and a DIY shot bar. These come with everything you will need, down to the perfect garnish to create your own delicious cocktails (and some questionable shots) to add a little bit of creative freedom to your evening!

Who doesn't love karaoke? How many amazing nights always seem to end with classic karaoke, maybe a bit of Whitney? Or perhaps Prince is more your style? With sessionmusicuk you can hire your very own, state of the art karaoke packages, providing you with the most seamless of karaoke technology and experiences you could imagine! So why not add a karaoke dome to your wedding reception - you wont regret it!

How about ring for gin? Without having to move from your seat, you can simply ring our Gin Inn bells to get our attention to bring you and your table drinks, how about that for service! We started this in covid as text for gin, but post covid it's still a huge hit, so we've adapted the process and have found ring for gin to be even more fun!

When it comes to setting up a tab - why not make it go further and create a bit of fun with it - roll a six on the dice and your drinks are on the bride and grooms tab (obviously agreed with them first!) This way you can ensure you don't end up spending a fortune, but can also make sure the drinks package is still fun! So why not instead of having a free bar, incorporate some fun games to it!

Gin is our specialty, however we have a fab selection of everything else..from whiskey, to rum and everything in between. And something we seriously love making, is cocktails! We have an amazing team of mixologists behind us who can create just about anything at the drop of a hat. Something that goes down amazingly well is cocktail/shot hour, you let us know what you want us to serve and we will provide your guests with that cocktail, served on cocktail tree's..the perfect way to get the party started, may that be an espresso martini to give everyone that little caffeine boost after a long day, baby guinness' tequila or a classic passionfruit martini-you name it, we can make it! But don't panic, we'll always having something fun and exciting for your driving/non-drinking friends, nobody will ever be excluded!

Get in touch now to add these to your special day!

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