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Move over for Mocktail O’clock..

Something that we have noticed becoming increasingly more popular are mocktails and the wide use of 0% alcohol. We have had so much fun experimenting with various different mocktails and surprising ourselves with how similar 0% alcohol tastes to alcohol containing products!

0% alcohol is making such a come back and people are recognising it's not just for dry Jan! With big brands consistently improving their recipes and flavours they’re reaching such key target audiences and it’s flying off the shelves!

What is so key to remember here is that mocktails don't have to be boring, just because they don't involve any alcohol doesn't mean they can't be exciting!

Top celebs have been trend setting with the idea of not drinking at their wedding/big events so they can remember every single second of their big day and not wake up with the dreaded headache the next day..

For example, Sophie Habboo explained on their podcast that she wasn’t going to drink on their big day because she wanted to remember every detail and enjoy the second day of their celebrations. Because after all, weddings aren’t always about the booze - it’s about celebrating love! Other events such as christenings, baby showers, school night parties/get togethers are another classic example of when a mocktail could make such a difference so nobody feels left out!

Our mixologists have been putting their creative minds together to start creating some fun exciting mocktail menu’s. We’ve perfected the taste and appearance to the point you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t a cocktail! We can provide you with solely alcohol free/mocktail bar’s and tailor it to your event entirely!

For example; we had the privilege of working for ITV’s trigger point wrap party and we had a solely alcohol free/mocktail horsebox bar! Everyone couldn’t believe that they were mocktails with not a drop of alcohol in sight! It's all about presentation, if it looks the part it'll be loved!

Some favourites were:

Expo-blood orange and rose, this was blood orange juice, rose syrup, lime juice and coconut cream. We rimmed the glass with orange and lime zest and dried rose petals so it looked super affective!

Vicky Mcclures favourite was:

The Lana, Vanilla and pear, this was vanilla syrup, lemon juice, pear juice topped with soda. Garnished with sprig of rosemary. How refreshing!

A classic favourite mocktail is a virgin mojito, so why not hire our DIY mojito station..but make it mocktail! All the stunning, refreshing flavours just without the booze!

If you are looking for a mocktail bar for your next event, get in contact now!

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