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Large Horsebox Bar
& Rustic Bars

Elevate your special occasions with our exceptional bar services, featuring a large rustic bar and horse box bars of different sizes. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or any celebration, our diverse bar offerings add a touch of rustic charm. 

Choose our large rustic bar for a grand and elegant focal point, perfect for weddings and upscale corporate gatherings. Alternatively, opt for one of our unique horse box bars, providing a mobile and stylish bar solution that can become a feature at your event. 

Our professional, high energy mixologist team comes along with the bar with your personal selection of drinks, cocktails & gins for the day.
We always ensure  seamless service, creating a fun atmosphere for your guests. Let us bring the bar to you, ensuring that the beverages flow, and the aesthetics complement your desired ambiance. 

Make your weddings, corporate events, and celebrations stand out with our distinctive bar services, adding rustic flair and versatility to elevate your event. 

Rustic pop up 2.jpeg

Rustic Bar

The Rustic popup bar also offers 100+ gins, cocktails and the full service bar option. This bar  works really well inside or outside a venue. Another popular choice for large weddings, parties and corporate events. 

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