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Everything you NEED to know about GIN

Regardless of whether you have always liked gin or you have only become a fan recently, there is a high chance that you know less about gin than you think. Sure, you can probably list a handful of brands and you might even know a cocktail or two that uses gin as a key component. However, how much do you know about how gin is made? Do you know what it’s made from and what it should be mixed with? Do you know the different types of gin and why it’s becoming increasingly popular? Keep reading and you may find out a fun fact or two.

The Gin FAQs Everyone Wants To Know

How is gin made? - Gin is made by a fermentation process, one that distils alcohol from a grain and a set of flavourings. These flavours are known as ‘botanicals’ and they are the reason gin has such a unique flavour. One of the botanicals must be juniper, otherwise the alcohol cannot be classified as gin. With the absence of juniper, you have something that is closer to vodka.

What base is used for gin? - All spirits have a base from which they are made, and the base for gin is a grain. There are a variety of grains used with barley, wheat and sugar all being popular. In order for the botanical flavourings to be noticeable, the base grain for gin should be somewhat neutral in flavour.

Are there different types of gin? - A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that there is only one type of gin, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The three main types of gin are London Dry Gin, Bathtub Gin,

Gin and Old Tom Gin; these are all slightly different, and they are made in a range of ways. Plus, there are various flavours of gin within these categories.

Why has gin become more popular in recent years? - Gin has always been a popular spirit, but in recent years there has been a definite rise in popularity. Gin is now seen as being trendy and stylish, which is why you will see many pubs and bars with lengthy gin menus. With a growing range of gins available, people are now finding it easier to find a gin that they love.

What is gin generally mixed with? - There is no shortage of options when it comes to what you can mix gin with, but tonic is by far the most popular and well known mixer. There are a range of tonics to choose from, many of which are slightly flavoured, so there is something for everyone. Lemonade is also a popular mixer for those who prefer a drink that is slightly sweeter.

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