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Ten ways to incorporate Gin into your wedding

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Calling all gin lovers, and boy there seems to be a few of those at the moment. For those of you getting married we thought you might like to hear our tips on involving your first love into the best day of your life!

1.            Gin bottles as table decorations – flowers coming out of a Hendricks bottle always looks amazing!

2.            The table plan could even match the gin bottles that are on the tables.

3.            Make your own Gin as favours – let’s really get creative!

4.            Or just buy miniature gin and have that as favours?

5.            Gin and Tonic flavoured wedding cake… yes this is a thing… my prayers have been answered!

6.            Some of the signage throughout the day could include Gin related slogans!

7.            We all know Gin is made from Juniper Berries – These could be pulled through your bouquet… This would look incredible at a winter wedding especially! 

8.            We have only just found out that gin pong is a thing!!!

9.            Why not have a bar that serves over 40 gins to your guests? The Gin Inn can offer that and will also name your favourite drinks after you!

10.          If you are going to have lots of Gin consumed at your wedding surely providing your guests with a Gin Hangover Kit seems fair? The Gin Inn sells these kits at £5 per pack and that includes a bottle of water, mints, a facemask, a bottle of your favourite gin just so everyone can have their next drink remembering your wedding.

If you would like to talk about weddings or even better gin incorporated weddings please give Hannah a call on 07854 141890 or drop her an email on - she gets super excited!

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