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8 Reasons Why You Need The Gin Inn At Your Wedding

Updated: May 1, 2020

With the popularity of mobile bars ever increasing, it’s no surprise that they are a massive hit at weddings! Of course, we might be ever so slightly biased but we quite agree that mobile bars are essential for weddings! We even have a few reasons why! Read on to find out 8 reasons why you should absolutely have the Gin Inn at your wedding.

Gin cocktail

Bespoke to You and Your Wedding Theme

Whether you are going for a rustic type feel for your wedding or a jazzed up theme, we can totally get on board and decorate accordingly! Maybe you fancy a 70’s rock and roll themed wedding like June Bug Weddings suggests is a popular wedding theme for 2020. Whatever the theme or colour, we have a selection of bars we can adapt to you and your needs!

Text for Gin Service!

We know that at your wedding reception, you and your guests will want to get your boogie on and not be wasting precious time queuing at the bar. That’s why we offer our awesome ‘Text for Gin’ service where you text your order, and we deliver it straight to your table! We can’t make it any easier than that!

The 'Bar' is in Your Court

Not a lover of gin? Prefer prosecco? Would rather just have a full bar? Not a problem as we cater to all preferences and if you just want prosecco and beers, or totally gin, that’s what we will serve!

Bespoke Cocktail Hour

One of our signature services is our Espresso Martini hour. We serve trays of delicious Espresso Martinis and we have found that so far, they are a hit! However, if they don’t float your boat, talk to us about potential alternative cocktails, we’ll be more than happy to help!

Smile for the Camera!

Our bars are definitely a talking point and we love it when our brides and grooms want to get in on the action! Make your own gin and tonic or pull your own pint but make sure you get a photo!

Bride and groom in gin mobile bar

Making it Personal

We want to make sure our brides and grooms have the very best day and to help with that, their drinks menu is personalized to them! So, when we discuss what drinks you want at your wedding, we’ll be getting creative with those names!

You Pay Your Way

It’s always difficult talking about money, but we do try to make it easy for everyone. We have packages to suit all budgets, we have a token system, we even have games where you can roll a dice to get a certain number and your drink is paid for! Our aim is to be accessible to all so we will be happy to discuss options and come up with something manageable!

Your Flexible Friends

Having a mobile bar means that you can host your wedding reception practically anywhere! We can be a fun addition to a full bar or be your complete bar wherever you need. So, if you are just having reception drinks in a marquee or even your back garden, we’ll be there!

So there you have some of our main reasons why you need the Gin Inn at your wedding. We could certainly give you many more but we are sure you get the gist!

GIF of funny drinks scene

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