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5 Tips on Re Planning Your Wedding During Lockdown

So, the lockdown continues and like many brides and grooms, you have had to postpone your wedding. We know how awful that is and how absolutely gutted you must feel. Weddings are not things to be taken lightly and after all the excitement, anticipation and hard work, you now have to wait indefinitely for the special moment you say ‘I do’.

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Don't worry! We at The Gin Inn have a few tips on how to try and cope with the disappointment and how to try and move forward with getting everything back on track after all this is over.

Guilty Party

You have every right to feel extremely disappointed, even angry at the circumstances which have caused you to have to postpone your special day. Don’t feel guilty for this! Your wedding is a major event in your life, and of course you were looking forward to it. Depending on what stage you were at, a lot of planning and hard work will have gone into it. It is totally normal for you to feel the way you are feeling. Have a bit of a rant and rave! Have a gin and tonic!

Your Venue

If you can, try and re book with your venue for a date as late as you can. We would totally recommend you go for either very late this year or, if your venue will allow it, book a date in 2021. A longer wait, we know, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid a double disappointment?


Don’t delay on doing this! The absolute minute you have your new date booked in, get booking all those suppliers you had originally. Don’t forget, they will have had other couples postpone and re book so it really is anyone’s game. You don’t want to miss out on the suppliers you want. This includes us at The Gin Inn too, (we are filling up for 2021 super quickly, please click here to find out our availability).

Bridal Party

Bride sitting with bridesmaids
Photo by Kayla Renee from Pexels

Do you have bridesmaids and groomsmen in your wedding plans? How about a maid of honour and best man? It’s fair to say these people you have chosen specially to be in your wedding party will be more than happy to stand up with you at your re booked wedding, but what if they are unable to? They may have other commitments on your newly selected date that they simply cannot get out of. You need to consider what will happen if this is the case. Do you go on without those people? Or do you re book your wedding day around them? There is no right way, only the way that is right for you.

Celebrate Your Original Date

Oh yes, we are serious! Your original wedding date is still important and should be celebrated. We totally recommend you get in some yummy food, maybe even splurge on a good takeaway, and get that prosecco or gin flowing! Dance, laugh, cry and celebrate with your partner, go online with your family and close friends, video chat, do something to commemorate that date. It will make you feel a little better and hopefully that all has not been lost.

We hope that helps you out a little. We do understand it's a very unsettling and frustrating time for everyone and if there is anything we can do, please get in touch with us. Stay safe!

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