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Finding out a bit more about our local gin Nibbs....

We are Nibbs, a small family business based in Surrey, producing small batch artisan gin. We began mixing alcoholic concoctions as a family every Christmas, starting with obligatory Sloe Gin and Vodka. Around the countryside in Surrey we stumbled across wild elderflower and began experimenting with creating our own unique cordial recipe. We then naturally decided to experiment with mixing it with different spirits which eventually led to the culmination of our elderflower gin.

We have worked with an award winning distiller to create our Nibbs Elderflower Gin, mixed with a range of botanicals to complement our elderflower with subtle tastes of juniper. Our elderflower was lovingly hand-picked by family and friends around Sussex and Surrey, mainly around Badshot Lea and at the beautiful Hampton Estate in Seale. The handpicked fresh elderflower, paired with lemon and lime gives our gin a refreshing natural taste and it was after much experimentation that we finalised our Nibbs gin recipe.

The name “Nibbs” has a special meaning and a great affection to us all as a family as it is a special childhood nickname given by a Mother to her daughter. It is therefore a celebration of a much loved grandmother, mother and gin lover.

We made our very first batch in July 2018 and we hope the people of Surrey & Sussex enjoy our gin!

Best paired with:

We recommend pairing Nibbs with any neutral tasting premium tonic as it lets the flavour of the gin do the talking! We also like to garnish our Nibbs gin with a fresh or frozen raspberry that soaks up the elderflower gin flavour and is delicious to eat at the end. Our Nibbs gin is also fabulous as a single shot with a splash of prosecco to create an elderflower gin fizz or simply on its own with ice.

Make sure you check out our website for all of our upcoming events and where to find us! From all the Nibbs team… enjoy!

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