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What a difference a year makes...

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

So it's exactly one year to the day that we made the trip to the midlands to collect the horse box. The last year has gone so quickly and we have achieved so much. What started off as side project has become almost our livelihood and so much more than a business. We’ve made some amazing friends along the way and although the long hours at times have been hard- we’ve been so pleased and proud to have added something special to the weddings & parties we’ve been lucky to attend.

To sit here now one year on and realise that we designed, built & marketed The Gin Inn in such a short period of time really is amazing. In 2018 from a standing start we provided our gin experience at 7 weddings, 8 parties, 4 corporate events & 8 public events which we see as an amazing achievement . Already, even in this freezing cold weather, we have 27 bookings for 2019. We cannot be more excited to get this year off to a fantastic start.

A huge amount of thanks and appreciation must go to our family and friends, we’ve had a lot of help along the way and had it not been for their support, we couldn’t have made it work. Cathy, Hannah’s mum is great with Teddy and always there to support us! She deserves a special mention!!

Also a big thanks to the amazing team at Lavastar for our signage!!

We have a wide network of friends and they really do support us, be it assisting with the brand design, helping to sand the trailer ready for a new coat of paint and even attending the public events and helping us get the word out. We couldn’t appreciate your support more.

Below are a few transformation photos - we are really pleased with the end result! Although I'm sure they'll be some new features this year.

2019 see’s us expand into providing more ‘Full Bar’ facilities at weddings and events - this was something we always planned and love working with local brands such as Hogs Back Brewery, Nibbs Gin, Mermaid Gin and Gorilla Spirits

We are so excited for our first jobs coming up this March, our ethos has been and always will be going the extra mile and providing more of a service rather than just a normal bar. We really do love to add personal touches to wedding’s & events to provide a memorable service. We value our clients feedback and we are proud of the testimonials we received last year (click here to check them out)

We’ll soon be listing our public event roster for 2019 so be sure to follow us on our social platforms.

Hope to see you there

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