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Summer Staples to Sip in the Sun

You’ve just fallen back into an arm chair in the garden after a long, tiring week. The sun is beaming down, lingering against your skin. With a sigh of relief you reach down to pick up your ice cold gin goblet filled with..

Filled with what? Can’t decide? Want something light and summery? We have the perfect selection for you!

Here at the Gin Inn we like to provide the best and supply our amazing clients with the perfect seasonal serves.

Kicking off with Tarquin’s pink lemon, grapefruit and peppercorn gin.

Tarquin’s is crafted by the Cornish Coast by their founder, Tarquin. Tarquin set his sights on becoming the first Cornish distillery for over 100 years, with all the gear and no idea Tarquin began experimenting in a 0.7l copper still..over 100 trial batches, a few headaches and grimaces ‘Tarquin’s Cornish Dry’ is born! It is bottled, waxed, labelled, stamped and signed all by hand (a process that still remains to this day) July 30th 2013, first bottled sold-Tarquin’s is now in business! Tarquin was on the hunt for the perfect dry, yet fruity finish gin-and here it is! With zippy grapefruits, fiery pink peppercorns and glorious pink lemons gives the right balance of fruity and exotic with a spicy body and a marvellously smooth finish. Enjoy with a mediteranian tonic and a slice of grapefruit.

Secondly we have Henley Gin-The Henley Distillery. This beautiful gin has everything you’d want from a classic London dry with foundations of juniper, but distilled with a modern twist. Bursting with beautiful botanicals of lemongrass, orange and kaffir lime leaves, boldly combined with Szechuan peppercorns, cardamom and Tonquin beans to give an elegant vanilla flavour rounded to create a smooth, refined balance. The botanicals here do all the talking so simply serve with your favourite premium Indian tonic, no need for a garnish!

Next we have Old Curiosity-Pink Elderflower and Jasmine.(This is part of the secret garden range.) This delicately floral and fruity gin has had their botanicals hand harvested from their onsite secret botanical garden and naturally dried to promote the highest quality flavours to burst through their gin. No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings have been added to this process so it is 100% natural! Serve with the most subtle light tonic and a slice of charred orange.

From Orkney, Scotland we have Kirkjuvagr-Beyla, Honey and Raspberry Old Tom.

In Norse mythology, Beyla was the goddess of bee’s with a strong connection to the earth. The botancials used at Orkney distillery are grown on the island where they believe the influence of the norse God’s can be felt. With the addition of Orcadian honey and Scottish raspberries creates this fantastic gin. The Old Tom style pink gin works well with the flavour profile of both the honey and the raspberries. Serve with elderflower tonic and garnish with raspberries.

Finally we have Maura-Isle of Cumbrae, another stunning Scottish gin. The Isle of Cumbrae distillers are an all women’s owned distillery, the only one in the UK, USA and Canada, how amazing!

Maura, meaning star of the sea, celebrates the women that helped shape it’s history. We really get a taste of the Scottish West Coast through this gin with hand picked wildflowers and berries. These distillers have carefully selected the gins botanicals whose origins are rooted in female folklore. Raspberries are the essence of the feminine, tempting with their sweet taste but also potent and powerful with a provocative aftertaste that delights. The Scottish Blaeberry plays a big part in this gin, these two berries combined represent an optimistic future, good health and inner peace. Serve this gin with light tonic and a slice of grapefruit.

Now, fill up that gin goblet!

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