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Must Try Gins This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about how you will spread the love. Regardless of what your plans are - perhaps you are heading out on a romantic dinner date or maybe you are spending the evening with your best friends - Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to try a new gin. But, where should you begin?

Make Valentine’s Day Special With These Local Gins

At The Gin Inn, we know better than anyone how many different types of gin there are. However, in recent years it’s the pink and flavoured gins that have really stood out as being something special. It could be the bright and bold colour that makes them the ‘go to’ choice for a lot of gin drinkers or it could be the fresh and fruity taste, but either way it’s hard to deny just how liked they are. To help you find the perfect gin for Valentine’s Day, we have detailed five of our favourites.

Mermaid Pink Gin - Mermaid Pink Gin is a firm favourite and we are not surprised. Not only is it a delicious and tasty gin - one that is infused with strawberries, aromatic and refreshing - but it comes in a chic bottle which will look impressive in any drinks cabinet. Mermaid Pink Gin is flavourful, without being overpowering.

Gorilla Strawberry Gin - It’s hard to go wrong with a delicate and sweet flavoured gin, and Gorilla Strawberry Gin is just that. We recommend pairing Gorilla Strawberry Gin with tonic, and then pairing it with strawberries or a sprig of mint. If you want something a little different for Valentine’s Day, create a refreshing spritz by pairing it with lemonade.

Pinkster Gin - If you are searching for a gin that has fruit and berry notes, Pinkster Gin could be the perfect choice. It’s made with real raspberries and it has a lot of flavour, meaning a simple tonic is all you need to create a delicious and refreshing drink. Plus, it’s beautiful pink colouring makes for a fun and flirty Valentine’s Day aesthetic.

Sherlock & Sons Love Edition Gin - The Sherlock & Sons Love Edition Gin has been created with Valentine’s Day in mind, and it’s a fantastic way to bring a bit of magic to the day. It boasts carefully selected botanicals, rose petals and butterfly pea flowers. These create a soft blue colour, which quickly changes to pink when you add tonic.

Blushing Monkey Gin - Blushing Monkey Pink Gin is a firm favourite and it’s easy to see why. It’s sweet, without being over the top, and it has colour changing properties. The combination of sweetness from fruits, herbs and spices make this the ideal choice if you are looking for something with a twist.

All of these gins are top of the range and delicious, but it’s their pink colouring that makes them perfect for Valentine’s Day. They are in keeping with the theme, match the romantic vibes you are surely going to want to create and they allow you to go one step further this year. After all, why would you settle for a standard gin when these options are out there?

Treat a Gin Lover This Valentine’s Day

With so many gin options out there, knowing which one to choose can be tough, but what if we told you there was a way to sample a wide variety? At The Gin Inn, we are passionate about gin and we know you are too. This is why we have created two handpicked and handwritten gin gift boxes, both of which allow you to sample some of our favourite gins. Our gin gift boxes are the ideal way to treat a gin lover this Valentine’s Day.

Will you choose the Pink Gin Gift Box or the Local Gin Gift Box? Whether you have a partner who deserves something special or a friend who loves all things gin, our gin boxes make for a fantastic gift. To find out more, get in touch with The Gin Inn team. We can even add red tulips to those that are local!

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