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Make your Wedding stand out with a Mobile Gin Bar

There are a lot of things to consider when you are planning a wedding, such as choosing the perfect wedding venue and finalising the guest list. These are part of the ‘standard’ things that every couple has to do, regardless of the type of wedding you are planning. Organising food, drinks, music and accommodation are also aspects that everyone expects to plan. However, there is a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing the things that make your wedding stand out. Though there are obvious similarities between weddings, there are many ways to ensure your wedding stands out. This is where The Gin Inn - our mobile gin bar - comes in.

How a Mobile Gin Bar Can Make Your Wedding Special

● Give Guests What They Want - There is no denying that gin has always been a popular drink, but more and more people have become gin lovers in recent years. You only have to look at a drinks menu in any bar to see a growing number of gin based drinks available. Therefore, a mobile gin bar will certainly give guests what they want. Instead of offering a standard bar and generic drinks, you can provide them with a fun mobile gin bar that boasts popular drinks and delicious cocktails.

● Enjoy a Personalised Gin Cocktail - At The Gin Inn, we want to make your special day as unique and memorable as possible. This is why we are happy to create a personalised and bespoke gin cocktail just for you. Before the wedding, we will meet with you to discuss your drink preferences and to create a bespoke gin cocktail. This can be served to your guests and used to toast your special day. How many people do you know that had a bespoke cocktail on their wedding drinks list?

● Stand Out From the Crowd - There are a lot of drinks options for a wedding, but how many people do you know that have had a mobile gin bar? At The Gin Inn, we find that people are impressed and surprised by the presence of a mobile gin bar. This helps your wedding to stand out from the crowd, to get people talking and to ensure the day is one people talk about for years to come. It’s a fantastic way to make your wedding a day unlike any other.

Why Choose The Gin Inn as Your Mobile Gin Bar?

At The Gin Inn, we take pride in offering a flawless mobile gin bar service. We understand the importance of having unique elements at a wedding, and we believe our mobile gin bar is the ideal choice. Not only is it something different - you won’t see a mobile gin bar at every wedding, that’s for sure! - but it’s something that is sure to please all of your guests from the moment they arrive. Whether you choose to try your personalised cocktail or they want something a little simpler, The Gin Inn is always able to accommodate them.

Based in Farnham, we travel up and down the country providing delicious cocktails and a variety of gins to wedding guests. Regardless of whether you are having a small and intimate

celebration, or a much larger and more lavish affair, you really can’t go wrong with a mobile gin bar. It’s the perfect way to treat your guests to something special, whilst guaranteeing that they have delicious drinks to sip throughout the day. To find out more about The Gin Inn, get in touch with us. We are always happy to answer questions and assist with bookings.

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