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Lock Down? Let's have some Local Gin!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

What a time to be in at the moment! This awful virus has totally taken over the world! We are now on lock down and can’t go out and about, unless we are buying essentials or working on the frontline. Let’s just hope that light is at the end of this awful tunnel!

Pouring drink
Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

We thought that as we are on lockdown, what better excuse is there to enjoy some local gins and their pairings? Just because we must be inside doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favourite tipples, right?

Just a little note, these gins are local to us, whatever gins you happen to have will be great too, just enjoy!

Mermaid gin

Distilled in the Isle of Wight and made from a variety of botanicals, including lemon zest, elderflower and rock samphire, this gin has a pleasant citrusy taste with some savoury peppery notes. Because of this, it can be enjoyed in a similar way to Hendricks gin, with Indian tonic and cucumber. Take a look at Isle of Wight Distillery for more information.


We utterly love these guys and what they stand for, and although we love their Old Tom gin, we want to highlight their Raspberry gin. Very similar to their standard Silverback, this gin has back notes of raspberry and we absolutely LOVE it! We put this with Elderflower Tonic and raspberries, and it is just delicious! For more information, check out Gorilla Spirits.

Photo by Anto Meneghini on Unsplash


Yes, definitely a firm favourite of ours, as we have said many times before, but it really is a lovely gin. A floral and slightly citrusy gin, made with locally sourced and handpicked elderflowers, with a hint of lemon and lime. We find it super yummy with prosecco and raspberries! Check out Nibbs here.

Twisted Nose

Photo from

A recently rebranded fresh and fragrant beauty and one of our favourites. We love its yummy hint of watercress, beautifully fresh, and the bottle is a thing of beauty too! We are also loving the quirky name, so cool! With this gorgeous gin, we totally recommend elderflower tonic and a slice of grapefruit. Your taste buds will sing! Look up Twisted Nose here!

Silent Pool

You know we’re going to mention it, yes, our beloved Silent Pool. Pretty bottle, gorgeous array of botanicals, sweet, floral and delicate, all blended with pure spring water from the actual Silent Pool. Enjoy this with an aromatic tonic and an orange slice. Take a look at its gorgeousness right here!

Wessex Rhubarb and Ginger gin

A bit of fruity fun, this drink is! Made with cold pressed rhubarb and ginger, this gin is just yummy! If you can handle it, we suggest you try this bad boy with some ginger ale and rhubarb slices. You can find it here.

Heathland gin

One we have only just tried thanks to someone recommending it to us! These guys are based two minutes down the road from us and we already can't wait to get more!

We really hope you’ll manage to try some of these awesome gins. Above all though, we hope you stay safe and healthy in this difficult time, just remember, we are all in it together!

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