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5 Things Every Wedding Should Have

There is nothing quick and easy about planning a wedding, and that’s because there are so many elements that make up a wedding day. There’s the venue and the catering to book, the bar and the guest list to think about, not to mention all of the other little details that can make a big difference. To help you on your journey towards planning the perfect wedding day, we have listed five things that every wedding should have.

What Key Things Should Every Wedding Have?

  • A Mobile Gin Bar - There are a lot of ‘extras’ you can have as part of your wedding day and for many people, a mobile gin bar is the perfect choice. Not only is a mobile gin bar an alternative or an addition to the standard bar that guests can expect from a wedding - something that could be seen as unremarkable, considering every wedding has a bar of some sort - but it’s a lovely way to treat guests to delicious cocktails and local gins. The Gin Inn is a mobile gin bar, fully stocked with some of the country’s most popular gins.

  • Unique Wedding Favours - Though wedding favours are by no means a necessity at a wedding, they are certainly a great way to show appreciation for wedding guests and the wedding party. They are usually small keepsakes that allow you to express your personality wedding theme

in a thoughtful way. There are a lot of different wedding favour options such as candles, soaps, seeds or small plants.

  • Plenty of Space for Dancing - Regardless of the type of wedding you are throwing, guests are going to want to dance as they celebrate into the evening.

This is why you should think about dancefloor space when you are booking your venue. If you have a lot of guests who are likely to be up and out of their seats, make sure to check there is plenty of space for dancing.

  • Enough Food to Keep Guests Full - There is nothing worse than going to a wedding and finding yourself hungry, especially if there is nowhere to find a snack. Though you are sure to have thought about food for after the ceremony, it’s becoming increasingly common for couples to organise a second round of food for later in the evening. For example, a pizza truck or a buffet of finger food. This becomes even more important if your wedding ceremony starts early in the day.

  • Entertainment - Some of the most memorable aspects of a wedding is the entertainment, so be sure to choose yours carefully. You can choose between lots of options such as a DJ, a live band, a saxophonist, a photobooth, a bouncy castle, a mobile gin bar and more. There really are no limits on how extravagant you can go and many couples choose to have a few different things going on, if their budget allows.

The Gin Inn Is At The Top of Everyone’s Wedding Checklist

Though there are a handful of mobile gin bars out there, we are confident that none are able to provide the high quality and professional service that you can expect from The Gin Inn. At The Gin Inn, we understand the importance of having a reliable and experienced wedding vendor for your special day. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure we make your big day as special as possible.

You won’t find us working with one or two popular gins, you will find us offering a whole host of flavoured and local gins to guests. You won’t find us offering simple gin and tonic combinations, you will find us offering a vast selection of cocktails and delicious mixes. These are some of the many reasons as to why The Gin Inn is the ‘go to’ mobile gin bar for weddings, parties and celebrations. You can find out more by browsing our website or getting in touch with our friendly team.

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